Wayne P. Burleson, Professor

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  • Office: 309C Knowles Engineering Building
  • Address: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    University of Massachusetts
    Amherst, MA 01003
  • Phone: 413-545-2382 (office), Fax: 413-545-1993
  • Email: lastname@ecs.umass.edu
  • Web (this page): http://vcsg.ecs.umass.edu/burleson.html
  • Assistant (Christine Langlois): lastname@ecs.umass.edu, 413-545-3621, KEB309
  • cv.pdf     shortbio.pdf   oneslidebio.ppt


Prof. Burleson is an IEEE Fellow "for contributions in integrated circuit design AND signal processing".


Active Research Areas: 


o    VLSI Circuits and Systems Group  (variation-aware design, security-aware design, on-chip sensors, thermal sensing and management, clock distribution, jitter models, supply noise sensing and mitigation, 3D integration, 3D clocking, 3D power, 3D signaling, side-channel analysis, many-core sensing) (funded by NSF, SRC)

o    RFID Consortium on Security and Privacy (RFID applications, RFID chips, Computational and Sensory RFID, RFID attacks and defenses,)  (funded by NSF, SRC)


Previous Research Areas




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Wayne P. Burleson
Last update: November, 2011