Vlsi Circuits And Systems Group


Semiconductor Research Corporation

Task ID: 2083.001 – On-Chip Sensing Strategies for Efficient and Robust Scalability in Many-Core Architectures

Task ID: 1836.074 – Sub-45nm Circuit Design for True Random Number Generation and Chip Identification

Task ID: 1415 - "Thermal Management in Mobile Microprocessors",
Ended May 31, 2009

Task ID: 1595.001: "MNOC: A Network-on-Chip for Configurable Monitors", Ended May 31, 2010

Task ID: 1075.001 – Multi-bit Signaling Circuits for On-Chip Interconnects,
Ended September 30, 2006

Task ID: 766.001 – Current-Mode Circuits for Global Interconnects in 70nm CMOS, Ended March 31, 2003

Intel Corporation

Advanced Micro Devices



Cryptography Research